Scenic Waterways

ORS 390.678
Motor vehicle and aircraft use regulated in certain zones

  • zone markers
  • proceedings to establish zones


The State Parks and Recreation Department may establish zones on the ocean shore where travel by motor vehicles or landing of any aircraft except for an emergency shall be restricted or prohibited. After the establishment of a zone and the erection of signs or markers thereon, no such use shall be made of such areas except in conformity with the rules of the department.


Proceedings to establish a zone:


May be initiated by the department on its own motion; or


Shall be initiated upon the request of 20 or more landowners or residents or upon request of the governing body of a county or city contiguous to the proposed zone.


A zone shall not be established unless the department first holds a public hearing in the vicinity of the proposed zone. The department shall cause notice of the hearing to be given by publication, not less than seven days prior to the hearing, by at least one insertion in a newspaper of general circulation in the vicinity of the zone.


Before establishing a zone, the department shall seek the approval of the local government whose lands are adjacent or contiguous to the proposed zone. [Formerly 390.668]
§§ 390.610 to 390.770

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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