Department of Human Services

ORS 409.060
Department of Human Services Account


There is established in the General Fund of the State Treasury an account to be known as the Department of Human Services Account. All moneys in this account are appropriated for and shall be used by the Department of Human Services for the respective purposes authorized by law. The moneys in the account and all appropriations for the account are subject to allotment control by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.


The Department of Human Services shall keep a record of all moneys credited to and deposited in the account. The records shall indicate by separate cumulative accounts the source from which the moneys were derived and the individual activity or program against which each withdrawal is charged.


The unobligated balance in the account on June 30 of each odd-numbered year shall be determined by the department as of September 30 next following, and certified to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services. Unless otherwise provided by law or action of the Emergency Board, the amount certified pursuant to this subsection shall revert to the General Fund and become available for general governmental purposes. [Formerly 184.795; 1999 c.421 §2]
Chapter 409

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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