Department of Human Services

ORS 409.470
Description of respite care services

Respite care services made available through the Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program shall:


Include a flexible array of respite care options responsive to family and caregiver needs and available before families and caregivers are in a crisis situation;


Be sensitive to the unique needs, strengths and multicultural values of an individual, family or caregiver;


Offer the most efficient access to an array of coordinated respite care services that are built on existing community supports and services;


Be driven by community strengths, needs and resources; and


Use a variety of funds and resources, including but not limited to:


Family or caregiver funds;


Private and volunteer resources;


Public funds; and


Exchange of care among families or caregivers. [1997 c.745 §6]
Chapter 409

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Use of division's client records by another departmental division, (1974) Vol 37, p 186


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