Department of Human Services

ORS 409.161
Report to Legislative Assembly on staffing and workload


The Department of Human Services shall report to all relevant committees of the Legislative Assembly at each odd-numbered year regular session with respect to department employees in the classified service who directly provide:


Child welfare services under ORS 418.005 (Powers of department in connection with child welfare services);


Temporary assistance for needy families under ORS 412.006 (Administration of temporary assistance for needy families program);


Nutritional assistance under ORS 411.816 (Eligibility for and amount of assistance);


Medical assistance eligibility determinations under ORS 411.404 (Determination of eligibility for medical assistance);


Services to elderly persons and to persons with disabilities under ORS 410.070 (Duties of Department of Human Services) and 412.014 (State Family Pre-SSI/SSDI program); and


Vocational rehabilitation services under ORS 344.530 (Department of Human Services rehabilitation duties).


The report of the department under this section shall address each of the following:


Workload increases or decreases over the current biennium.


Workload efficiencies achieved during the current biennium.


Additional staffing needs or decreases in staffing needs that exist for the current biennium or that are projected for the next biennium, including a statement of the number of full-time equivalent positions that are vacant on the date the report is prepared or that can be double filled in order to meet any needs for additional staffing.


As used in this section, “double filled” means that the department is using one budgeted full-time equivalent position to employ more than one employee. [2009 c.598 §1; 2011 c.545 §45; 2011 c.720 §80; 2016 c.117 §63]
Chapter 409

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