Department of Human Services

ORS 409.474

The Department of Human Services shall adopt all rules necessary for the operation and administration of the Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program, including but not limited to:


Establishing criteria, procedures and timelines for designation of the community-based private nonprofit, for-profit or public agencies that will receive funding to provide respite services under community lifespan respite care programs;


Requiring that community lifespan respite care programs publicize the telephone number and address where families and caregivers may contact the program;


Establishing operational guidelines and outcome measures for state and community lifespan respite care programs;


Establishing program reporting and data collection requirements;


Creating statewide minimum standards for lifespan respite care providers;


Establishing standards for coordination between the Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program and other caregiving programs; and


Establishing a statewide quality assurance process and quality assurance measures. [1997 c.745 §7; 2007 c.512 §5]
Chapter 409

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Use of division's client records by another departmental division, (1974) Vol 37, p 186


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