Oregon Health Authority

ORS 413.032
Establishment of Oregon Health Authority


The Oregon Health Authority is established. The authority shall:


Carry out policies adopted by the Oregon Health Policy Board;


Administer the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Delivery System established in ORS 414.570 (System established);


Administer the Oregon Prescription Drug Program;


Develop the policies for and the provision of publicly funded medical care and medical assistance in this state;


Develop the policies for and the provision of mental health treatment and treatment of addictions;


Assess, promote and protect the health of the public as specified by state and federal law;


Provide regular reports to the board with respect to the performance of health services contractors serving recipients of medical assistance, including reports of trends in health services and enrollee satisfaction;


Guide and support, with the authorization of the board, community-centered health initiatives designed to address critical risk factors, especially those that contribute to chronic disease;


Be the state Medicaid agency for the administration of funds from Titles XIX and XXI of the Social Security Act and administer medical assistance under ORS chapter 414;


In consultation with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, periodically review and recommend standards and methodologies to the Legislative Assembly for:


Review of administrative expenses of health insurers;


Approval of rates; and


Enforcement of rating rules adopted by the Department of Consumer and Business Services;


Structure reimbursement rates for providers that serve recipients of medical assistance to reward comprehensive management of diseases, quality outcomes and the efficient use of resources and to promote cost-effective procedures, services and programs including, without limitation, preventive health, dental and primary care services, web-based office visits, telephone consultations and telemedicine consultations;


Guide and support community three-share agreements in which an employer, state or local government and an individual all contribute a portion of a premium for a community-centered health initiative or for insurance coverage;


Develop, in consultation with the Department of Consumer and Business Services, one or more products designed to provide more affordable options for the small group market;


Implement policies and programs to expand the skilled, diverse workforce as described in ORS 414.018 (Legislative intent) (4); and


Implement a process for collecting the health outcome and quality measure data identified by the Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee and the Behavioral Health Committee and report the data to the Oregon Health Policy Board.


The Oregon Health Authority is authorized to:


Create an all-claims, all-payer database to collect health care data and monitor and evaluate health care reform in Oregon and to provide comparative cost and quality information to consumers, providers and purchasers of health care about Oregon’s health care systems and health plan networks in order to provide comparative information to consumers.


Develop uniform contracting standards for the purchase of health care, including the following:


Uniform quality standards and performance measures;


Evidence-based guidelines for major chronic disease management and health care services with unexplained variations in frequency or cost;


Evidence-based effectiveness guidelines for select new technologies and medical equipment;


A statewide drug formulary that may be used by publicly funded health benefit plans; and


Standards that accept and consider tribal-based practices for mental health and substance abuse prevention, counseling and treatment for persons who are Native American or Alaska Native as equivalent to evidence-based practices.


The enumeration of duties, functions and powers in this section is not intended to be exclusive nor to limit the duties, functions and powers imposed on or vested in the Oregon Health Authority by ORS 413.006 (Establishment of Oregon Health Policy Board) to 413.042 (Rules), 413.610 (Purpose of Compact of Free Association Premium Assistance Program) to 413.613 (COFA Premium Assistance Program Fund), 415.012 (Definitions for ORS 415) to 415.430 (Liability of member of CCO to pay provider for cost of care), 415.501 (Procedures for review of material change transactions), 741.001 (Health insurance exchange) to 741.540 (Complaints and investigations confidential), 741.802 (Authority to produce written informational materials) and 741.900 (Civil penalties) or by other statutes. [2009 c.595 §10; 2011 c.500 §5; 2011 c.602 §19; 2011 c.720 §126; 2013 c.1 §56; 2013 c.681 §45; 2015 c.389 §7; 2019 c.364 §4; 2019 c.478 §54d; 2021 c.569 §17; 2021 c.615 §8; 2021 c.667 §19]


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