ORS 415.205
Period of supervision; cause of action for violation of order of supervision


A coordinated care organization placed under supervision must correct, eliminate or remedy the acts, transactions or practices that are the basis for the order of supervision and otherwise comply with the requirements of the Oregon Health Authority within the period of time allowed by the authority, not to exceed 60 days, after the date on which the order is served on the coordinated care organization.


If the authority determines that the conditions giving rise to the supervision still exist at the end of the supervision period established in subsection (1) of this section, the authority may extend the period.


During the period of supervision of a coordinated care organization, the authority may institute rehabilitation or liquidation proceedings, extend the period of supervision or take any other action authorized by law.


The authority or supervisor on behalf of a coordinated care organization under supervision may bring an action for damages against any person who violates any order of the authority under ORS 415.204 (Grounds for order of supervision) if the violation reduces the net worth of the coordinated care organization or results in loss to the coordinated care organization that the coordinated care organization would not have suffered otherwise. The authority or supervisor may recover damages to the extent of the reduction or loss. [2019 c.478 §25]
Note: Definitions in 734.014 (Definitions) relating to delinquency proceedings may apply to ORS chapter 415. See 415.011 (Oregon Health Authority regulation of financial solvency of CCOs to align with regulation of domestic insurers) (2)(ee).

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