ORS 415.261
Petition for delinquency proceeding


The Oregon Health Authority shall commence a delinquency proceeding by an application to the court for an order directing the coordinated care organization to show cause why the authority should not have the relief prayed for.


The application shall be by petition, verified by the authority, setting forth the ground or grounds for the proceeding and the relief demanded.


If the court is satisfied from reading the authority’s petition that the facts alleged, if established, would constitute grounds for a delinquency proceeding, the court shall issue an order to the coordinated care organization to show cause.


On the return of the order to show cause, and after a full hearing, the court shall either deny the application or grant the application, together with such other relief as the nature of the case and the interests of the members of the coordinated care organization or the public may require.


After commencement of a delinquency proceeding by the authority, the court may make any further orders necessary in response to the application of any interested person. [2019 c.478 §34]

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