ORS 415.333
Powers of Oregon Health Authority in liquidation proceeding

The Oregon Health Authority, after taking possession of the property and business of any coordinated care organization, shall:


Subject to a court’s direction, immediately conduct the business of the coordinated care organization or take steps authorized by law to rehabilitate, liquidate or conserve the coordinated care organization;


Be vested with the coordinated care organization’s title and interest in and to all assets and property of every kind, both tangible and intangible;


Possess, in the name of the coordinated care organization or in the name of the authority, all rights, privileges, powers and authority granted to coordinated care organizations in this state or otherwise possessed by coordinated care organizations generally, without regard to any limitations prescribed in the articles or bylaws of the coordinated care organization; and


Perform and do all acts that the authority deems necessary, advisable or expedient. [2019 c.478 §30]

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May. 15, 2020