Oregon Youth Authority

ORS 420A.100
Authority to establish and operate

  • provision of personal hygiene products


The Oregon Youth Authority may establish and operate youth correction facilities. If the youth authority establishes youth correction facilities, the youth authority shall site the facilities in accordance with applicable state and local laws.


Youth correction facilities must be used for the confinement of youth offenders and others placed in the custody of the youth authority and for the development of those persons into productive members of society.


Youth correction facilities shall make available tampons, sanitary pads, postpartum pads and panty liners at no cost to all persons confined in a youth correction facility for use in connection with vaginal discharge. Youth correction facilities shall maintain a sufficient supply, which shall be stored, dispensed and disposed of in a sanitary manner. The supply of products available shall include at least the following:


Regular absorbent and super absorbent tampons;


Regular absorbent and super absorbent sanitary pads;


Postpartum pads; and


Regular absorbent panty liners. [1995 c.422 §13; 2019 c.489 §5]


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