Oregon Youth Authority

ORS 420A.111
Levels of custody

  • transfer between levels
  • significance


The Director of the Oregon Youth Authority may authorize the transfer of a youth offender from one level of custody to another.


Before a transfer under subsection (1) of this section may take place, the Director of the Oregon Youth Authority shall review the record of the youth offender and enter an order granting or denying the transfer.


The youth offender subject to a transfer order, or an order denying transfer, may request a hearing. The request must be in writing and submitted no later than 10 days after receipt of the order.


In a hearing that would result in the transfer of a youth offender to a less restrictive setting, the youth offender has the burden of demonstrating that the transfer is warranted and consistent with ORS 419C.001 (Purposes of juvenile justice system in delinquency cases).


Different levels of custody in youth correction facilities reflect the differences between the level of security and direct supervision of the facilities. [1995 c.422 §§14,18]


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