Mental Health

ORS 430.405
“Drug-dependent person” defined for ORS 430.415

As used in ORS 430.415 (Drug dependence as illness), “drug-dependent person” means one who has lost the ability to control the use of controlled substances or other substances with abuse potential, or who uses such substances or controlled substances to the extent that the health of the person or that of others is substantially impaired or endangered or the social or economic function of the person is substantially disrupted. A drug-dependent person may be physically dependent, a condition in which the body requires a continuing supply of a drug or controlled substance to avoid characteristic withdrawal symptoms, or psychologically dependent, a condition characterized by an overwhelming mental desire for continued use of a drug or controlled substance. [1973 c.697 §3; 1977 c.745 §47; 1979 c.744 §25; 1979 c.777 §46a; 1987 c.61 §4; 2001 c.900 §138; 2007 c.71 §117]
§§ 430.260 to 430.425

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authorized contracts and expenditures, (1977) Vol 38, p 1618


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