Mental Health

ORS 430.640
Duties of Oregon Health Authority in assisting and supervising community mental health programs

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The Oregon Health Authority, in carrying out the legislative policy declared in ORS 430.610 (Legislative policy), subject to the availability of funds, shall:


Assist Oregon counties and groups of Oregon counties in the establishment and financing of community mental health programs operated or contracted for by one or more counties.


If a county declines to operate or contract for a community mental health program, contract with another public agency or private corporation to provide the program. The county must be provided with an opportunity to review and comment.


In an emergency situation when no community mental health program is operating within a county or when a county is unable to provide a service essential to public health and safety, operate the program or service on a temporary basis.


At the request of the tribal council of a federally recognized tribe of Native Americans, contract with the tribal council for the establishment and operation of a community mental health program in the same manner in which the authority contracts with a county court or board of county commissioners.


If a county agrees, contract with a public agency or private corporation for all services within one or more of the following program areas:


Mental or emotional disturbances.


Drug abuse.


Alcohol abuse and alcoholism.


Approve or disapprove the local plan and budget information for the establishment and operation of each community mental health program. Subsequent amendments to or modifications of an approved plan or budget information involving more than 10 percent of the state funds provided for services under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) may not be placed in effect without prior approval of the authority. However, an amendment or modification affecting 10 percent or less of state funds for services under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) within the portion of the program for persons with mental or emotional disturbances or within the portion for persons with alcohol or drug dependence may be made without authority approval.


Make all necessary and proper rules to govern the establishment and operation of community mental health programs, including adopting rules defining the range and nature of the services which shall or may be provided under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs).


Collect data and evaluate services in the state hospitals in accordance with the same methods prescribed for community mental health programs under ORS 430.634 (Evaluation of programs).


Develop guidelines that include, for the development of comprehensive local plans in consultation with local mental health authorities:


The use of integrated services;


The outcomes expected from services and programs provided;


Incentives to reduce the use of state hospitals;


Mechanisms for local sharing of risk for state hospitalization;


The provision of clinically appropriate levels of care based on an assessment of the mental health needs of consumers;


The transition of consumers between levels of care; and


The development, maintenance and continuation of older adult mental health programs with mental health professionals trained in geriatrics.


Work with local mental health authorities to provide incentives for community-based care whenever appropriate while simultaneously ensuring adequate statewide capacity.


Provide technical assistance and information regarding state and federal requirements to local mental health authorities throughout the local planning process required under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) (9).


Provide incentives for local mental health authorities to enhance or increase vocational placements for adults with mental health needs.


Develop or adopt nationally recognized system-level performance measures, linked to the Oregon Benchmarks, for state-level monitoring and reporting of mental health services for children, adults and older adults, including but not limited to quality and appropriateness of services, outcomes from services, structure and management of local plans, prevention of mental health disorders and integration of mental health services with other needed supports.


Develop standardized criteria for each level of care described in ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) (9), including protocols for implementation of local plans, strength-based mental health assessment and case planning.


Develop a comprehensive long-term plan for providing appropriate and adequate mental health treatment and services to children, adults and older adults that is derived from the needs identified in local plans, is consistent with the vision, values and guiding principles in the Report to the Governor from the Mental Health Alignment Workgroup, January 2001, and addresses the need for and the role of state hospitals.


Report biennially to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on the progress of the local planning process and the implementation of the local plans adopted under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) (9)(b) and the state planning process described in paragraph (o) of this subsection, and on the performance measures and performance data available under paragraph (m) of this subsection.


On a periodic basis, not to exceed 10 years, reevaluate the methodology used to estimate prevalence and demand for mental health services using the most current nationally recognized models and data.


Encourage the development of regional local mental health authorities comprised of two or more boards of county commissioners that establish or operate a community mental health program.


The Oregon Health Authority may provide technical assistance and other incentives to assist in the planning, development and implementation of regional local mental health authorities whenever the Oregon Health Authority determines that a regional approach will optimize the comprehensive local plan described under ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) (9).


The enumeration of duties and functions in subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall not be deemed exclusive nor construed as a limitation on the powers and authority vested in the authority by other provisions of law. [1961 c.706 §38; 1973 c.639 §4; 1981 c.750 §7; 2001 c.325 §1; 2001 c.694 §1; 2001 c.899 §2; 2005 c.691 §3; 2007 c.70 §231; 2009 c.595 §511; 2009 c.828 §22; 2009 c.856 §25; 2011 c.720 §§177,178; 2013 c.640 §6]


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