Mental Health

ORS 430.695
Treatment of certain receipts as offsets to state funds

  • contracts for statewide or regional services
  • retention of receipts


Any program fees, third-party reimbursements, contributions or funds from any source, except client resources applied toward the cost of care in group homes for persons with developmental disabilities or mental illness and client resources and third-party payments for community psychiatric inpatient care, received by a community mental health program or a community developmental disabilities program are not an offset to the costs of the services and may not be applied to reduce the program’s eligibility for state funds, providing the funds are expended for mental health or developmental disabilities services approved by the Oregon Health Authority or the Department of Human Services.


Within the limits of available funds, the authority and the department may contract for specialized, statewide and regional services including but not limited to group homes for persons with developmental disabilities or mental or emotional disturbances, day and residential treatment programs for children and adolescents with mental or emotional disturbances and community services for clients of the Psychiatric Security Review Board under ORS 161.315 (Right of state to obtain mental examination of defendant) to 161.351 (Discharge by board).


Fees and third-party reimbursements, including all amounts paid pursuant to Title XIX of the Social Security Act by the Department of Human Services or the Oregon Health Authority, for mental health services or developmental disabilities services and interest earned on those fees and reimbursements shall be retained by the community mental health program or community developmental disabilities program and expended for any service that meets the standards of ORS 430.630 (Services to be provided by community mental health programs) or 430.664 (Requirements for developmental disabilities programs and support service brokerages). [1981 c.750 §9; 2007 c.70 §234; 2007 c.71 §118; 2009 c.595 §520; 2011 c.708 §28; 2011 c.720 §182; 2017 c.442 §27]


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