Mental Health

ORS 430.905

The Legislative Assembly declares:


Because the growing numbers of pregnant substance users and drug- and alcohol-affected infants place a heavy financial burden on Oregon’s taxpayers and those who pay for health care, it is the policy of this state to take effective action that will minimize these costs.


Special attention must be focused on preventive programs and services directed at women at risk of becoming pregnant substance users as well as on pregnant women who use substances or who are at risk of substance use or abuse.


It is the policy of this state to achieve desired results such as alcohol- and drug-free pregnant women and healthy infants through a holistic approach covering the following categories of needs:


Biological-physical need, including but not limited to detoxification, dietary and obstetrical.


Psychological need, including but not limited to support, treatment for anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.


Instrumental need, including but not limited to child care, transportation to facilitate the receipt of services and housing.


Informational and educational needs, including but not limited to prenatal and postpartum health, substance use and parenting. [1989 c.1046 §1]


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Jun. 26, 2021