Health Care Facilities

ORS 441.084
Choice of patient on suppliers of drugs and supplies


As used in this section, “supplier” includes an authorized representative of the patient who purchases nonprescriptive medication or nonprescriptive sickroom supplies at retail.


A patient in a long term care facility or an intermediate care facility required to be licensed under ORS 441.015 (Licensing of facilities and health maintenance organizations) must have a choice:


From among prescription drug delivery systems as long as the system selected:


Provides for timely delivery of drugs;


Provides adequate protection to prevent tampering with drugs;


Provides that drugs are delivered in a unit of use compatible with the established system of the facility for dispensing drugs, whether that system is provided by a facility pharmacy or by a contract with a pharmacy; and


Provides a 24-hour emergency service procedure either directly or by contract with another pharmacy;


From among suppliers of nonprescriptive medication, although no facility is required to accept any opened container of such medication; and


From among suppliers of nonprescriptive sickroom supplies as long as any items supplied can be maintained in a clean manner with equipment available at the facility.


If the established system of the facility, whether that system is provided by a facility pharmacy or a pharmacy under contract, provides patient profile information, the pharmacy chosen by the patient under subsection (2)(a) of this section must also provide that information for any patient it serves at the facility. [1983 c.328 §1; 2007 c.71 §127]
Chapter 441

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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