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ORS 441.678
Review of finding that nursing assistant responsible for abuse

  • name placed in registry


If a nursing assistant found by the Department of Human Services to be responsible for abuse does not respond to the department within 30 days after notice of the opportunity for a contested case hearing, the department shall place the abuse finding in the registry maintained under this section.


If a nursing assistant is found to be responsible for abuse, the nursing assistant is entitled to a contested case hearing under ORS chapter 183. Upon a finding of abuse in a final order, the department shall place the finding in the registry maintained under this section.


The department shall maintain a nursing assistant registry that contains, at a minimum, the information required by 42 C.F.R. 483.156. [1993 c.759 §16; 2001 c.900 §174; 2009 c.72 §2]
Note: See note under 441.637 (Rules).
§§ 441.630 to 441.685

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