Health Care Facilities

ORS 441.301
Payment of expenses when income inadequate

If funds collected under ORS 441.289 (Powers and duties of trustee) and 441.293 (Liability to trustee for goods and services after notice) are insufficient to meet the expenses of performing the powers and duties conferred on the trustee by ORS 441.277 (Definitions for ORS 441.277 to 441.323) to 441.323 (Effect of trust or temporary management on prior obligations or civil or criminal liabilities) or on the temporary manager pursuant to ORS 441.333 (Appointment of temporary manager), or if there are insufficient funds on hand to meet those expenses, the Department of Human Services may draw from the Facility Fund established in ORS 441.303 (Establishment of Facility Fund) to pay those expenses. Moneys drawn under this section that are not applied to the expenses of the trust shall be used to reimburse the fund for advances made under this section. [1981 c.868 §7; 2009 c.539 §6]
§§ 441.277 to 441.323

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Chapter 441

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