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ORS 441.223
Implementation of committee recommendations

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Upon receiving the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information, the Oregon Health Authority shall:


Adopt administrative rules in a timely manner, as required by the Administrative Procedures Act, for the purpose of effectuating the provisions of ORS 441.221 (Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information) to 441.223 (Implementation of committee recommendations);


Consult with the advisory group convened under ORS 441.232 (Advisory group) to review the recommendations and obtain advice on the rules; and


Ensure that the rules adopted by the Oregon Health Authority are identical and are consistent with the recommendations developed pursuant to ORS 441.222 (Committee recommendations) for affected credentialing organizations.


The uniform credentialing information required pursuant to the administrative rules of the Oregon Health Authority represents the minimum uniform credentialing information required by the affected credentialing organizations. Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, a credentialing organization may request additional credentialing information from a health care practitioner for the purpose of completing credentialing procedures used by the credentialing organization to credential health care practitioners.


In credentialing a telemedicine provider, a hospital is subject to the requirements prescribed by rule by the authority under ORS 441.056 (Credentialing telemedicine providers). [Formerly 442.807]
Note: See note under 441.221 (Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information).
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