Environmental Quality Generally

ORS 468.045
Functions of director

  • delegation


Subject to policy direction by the Environmental Quality Commission, the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality shall:


Be administrative head of the Department of Environmental Quality;


Have power, within applicable budgetary limitations, and in accordance with ORS chapter 240, to hire, assign, reassign, and coordinate personnel of the department;


Administer and enforce the laws of the state concerning environmental quality; and


Be authorized to participate in any proceeding before any public officer, commission or body of the United States or any state for the purpose of representing the citizens of Oregon concerning environmental quality.


In addition to duties otherwise required by law, the director shall prescribe regulations for the government of the department, the conduct of its employees, the assignment and performance of its business and the custody, use and preservation of its records, papers and property in a manner consistent with applicable law.


The director may delegate to any of the employees of the department the exercise or discharge in the director’s name of any power, duty or function of whatever character, vested in or imposed by law upon the director. The official act of any such person so acting in the director’s name and by the authority of the director shall be considered to be an official act of the director. [Formerly 449.028]


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