Environmental Quality Generally

ORS 468.120
Public hearings

  • subpoenas, oaths, depositions


The Environmental Quality Commission, its members or a person designated by and acting for the commission may:


Conduct public hearings.


Issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, records and documents relating to matters before the commission.


Administer oaths.


Take or cause to be taken depositions and receive such pertinent and relevant proof as may be considered necessary or proper to carry out duties of the commission and Department of Environmental Quality pursuant to ORS 448.305 (Special ordinance authority of certain cities), 454.010 (Definitions for ORS 454) to 454.040 (Determination of costs payable by users), 454.205 (“Municipality” defined) to 454.255 (Plans and cost estimates), 454.505 (Definitions for ORS 454) to 454.535 (Sewage Treatment Works Construction Account), 454.605 (Definitions for ORS 454) to 454.755 (Fees for certain reports on sewage disposal) and ORS chapters 468, 468A and 468B.


Subpoenas authorized by this section may be served by any person authorized by the person issuing the subpoena. Witnesses who are subpoenaed shall receive the fees and mileage provided in ORS 44.415 (Fees and mileage of witnesses) (2). [Formerly 449.048; 1989 c.980 §14b]


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