Energy Incentives

ORS 469B.142
Annual limit to cost of facility eligible for tax credits

  • discretion of director
  • rules


For a facility, the total cost that receives a preliminary certification from the Director of the State Department of Energy for tax credits in any calendar year may not exceed:


$20 million, in the case of a facility using or producing renewable energy resources or a high-efficiency combined heat and power facility;


Five percent of the total cost of the facility but no more than $3 million, in the case of a facility that uses or produces renewable energy resources and is a wind facility with an installed capacity of more than 10 megawatts; or


$10 million, in the case of any other facility.


The director shall determine the dollar amount certified for any facility and the priority between applications for certification based upon the criteria contained in ORS 469B.130 (Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171) to 469B.169 (Suspension or revocation of certificate) and applicable rules and standards adopted under ORS 469B.130 (Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171) to 469B.169 (Suspension or revocation of certificate). The director may consider the status of a facility as a research, development or demonstration facility of new renewable resource generating and conservation technologies or a qualified transit pass contract in the determination. [Formerly 469.200]

(formerly 469.200)

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