Energy Incentives

ORS 469B.400
Fuel blends and solid biofuels

  • qualification for tax credits
  • rules

The State Department of Energy shall by rule identify categories of fuel blend and solid biofuel that qualify for the personal income tax credit allowed under ORS 315.465 (Biofuels and fuel blends). [Formerly 469.785]
Note: Sections 8a and 8b (2), chapter 739, Oregon Laws 2007, provide:
Sec. 8a. The State Department of Energy shall periodically conduct an impact study of the biofuels program. The study will include but is not limited to the following criteria with respect to the biofuel sector in this state:


Jobs created;


Average wage rates for those jobs;


The provision of health care and other benefits;


The extent to which workforce training opportunities are being provided to employees;


The number of acres of biofuel feedstock planted;


The number of gallons of biofuel blended fuel produced and consumed in the state;


The cost of fuel with biofuel blends and how that compares with the cost of petroleum fuel;


Environmental impacts such as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic air pollution;


The impact of biofuel feedstock production on the price of commodity crops and the cost of food staples; and


The extent to which Oregon producers import biofuel or biofuel feedstock from outside the state. [2007 c.739 §8a]
Sec. 8b. (2) Section 8a of this 2007 Act is repealed January 2, 2025. [2007 c.739 §8b(2)]
§§ 469B.130 to 469B.169

(formerly 469.190 to 469.225)

Law Review Citations

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§§ 469B.100 to 469B.118

(formerly 469.160 to 469.180)

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