Energy Incentives

ORS 469B.300
Suspension or revocation of certificate or portion of certificate


The Director of the State Department of Energy may order the suspension or revocation of a certificate or a portion of a certificate issued under ORS 469B.291 (Final certification), as provided in ORS 315.061 (Suspension, revocation or forfeiture):


For the reasons set forth in ORS 315.061 (Suspension, revocation or forfeiture); or


If the director finds that:


The holder of the certificate or the operator of the project has failed to construct or operate the project in compliance with the plans, specifications and contract terms in the certificate; or


The project is no longer in operation.


If the project owner is subject to a performance agreement requiring recertification under ORS 469B.298 (Recertification of eligibility), the certificate shall be considered revoked as to any portion of the tax credit that has not previously received approval under a recertification application that was required to have been filed pursuant to ORS 469B.298 (Recertification of eligibility). [2011 c.730 §48; 2015 c.545 §8; 2019 c.483 §13]
Note: See note under 469B.276 (Transferability of project tax credit).
§§ 469B.130 to 469B.169

(formerly 469.190 to 469.225)

Law Review Citations

16 WLR 392 (1979)

§§ 469B.100 to 469B.118

(formerly 469.160 to 469.180)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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