Energy Incentives

ORS 469B.171
Assistance with facility purchase for investor-owned utility customers


An investor-owned utility may offer cash payments to assist the utility’s commercial and industrial customers in purchasing a facility as defined in ORS 469B.130 (Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171), including but not limited to an alternative fuel vehicle refueling station. The utility may pay the customer the present value to the utility of the tax credit to which the customer would be entitled under ORS 469B.130 (Definitions for ORS 469B.130 to 469B.169 and 469B.171) to 469B.169 (Suspension or revocation of certificate).


As used in this section, “cash payment” and “investor-owned utility” have the meanings given those terms in ORS 469.631 (Definitions for ORS 469.631 to 469.645). [Formerly 469.878]
§§ 469B.130 to 469B.169

(formerly 469.190 to 469.225)

Law Review Citations

16 WLR 392 (1979)

§§ 469B.100 to 469B.118

(formerly 469.160 to 469.180)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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