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ORS 469B.332
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A final certification for a transportation project may not be issued by the Director of the State Department of Energy under this section unless:


The project was acquired or performed under a preliminary certificate of approval issued under ORS 469B.329 (Submissions for preliminary certification);


The applicant demonstrates the ability to provide the information required by ORS 469B.326 (Application for preliminary certification) (2) and does not violate any condition that may be imposed as described in subsection (4) of this section; and


The project was acquired or performed in accordance with the applicable provisions of ORS 469B.320 (Definitions for ORS 315.336 and 469B.320 to 469B.347) to 469B.347 (Policies and procedures) and any applicable rules or standards adopted by the director.


A person may apply to the State Department of Energy for final certification of a project:


If the person received preliminary certification for the project under ORS 469B.329 (Submissions for preliminary certification); and


After completion of the acquisition or performance of the project.


An application for final certification shall be made in writing on a form prepared by the department and shall contain:


A statement that the conditions of the preliminary certification have been complied with;


(A) The actual cost of the project attested to by a certified public accountant who is not an employee of the applicant or the applicant’s completed audit in compliance with federal Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133; or


If the actual cost of the project is less than $50,000, copies of receipts for acquisition and performance of the project;


The amount of the credit under ORS 315.336 (Transportation projects) that is to be claimed;


The number and types of jobs, directly connected to the allowance of the credit, created by the acquisition and performance of the project over the five-year period beginning on the date of issuance of the preliminary certification under ORS 469B.329 (Submissions for preliminary certification);


Information sufficient to demonstrate that the project will remain in operation for at least five years, unless the director by rule specifies another period of operation;


Documentation of compliance with applicable state and local laws and regulations and licensing and permitting requirements as defined by the director; and


Any other information determined by the director to be necessary prior to issuance of a final certificate, including inspection of the project by the department.


After the filing of the application under this section, the director may issue the certificate together with any conditions that the director determines are appropriate to promote the purposes of ORS 315.336 (Transportation projects) and 469B.320 (Definitions for ORS 315.336 and 469B.320 to 469B.347) to 469B.347 (Policies and procedures). If the applicant is an entity subject to regulation by the Public Utility Commission, the director may consult with the commission prior to issuance of the certificate. The action of the director shall include certification of the actual cost of the project. However, the director may not certify an amount for tax credit purposes that is more than the amount of credit approved in the preliminary certificate issued for the project.


If the director rejects an application for final certification, or certifies a lesser amount of credit than was claimed in the application, the director shall send to the applicant written notice of the action, together with a statement of the findings and reasons for the action, by certified mail, before the 60th day after the filing of the application. Failure of the director to act constitutes rejection of the application.


Upon approval of an application for final certification of a project, the director shall certify the project. The final certification shall indicate the amount of projected energy savings attributable to the project and the certified cost of the project.


The director may establish by rule timelines and intermediate deadlines for submission of application materials. [2011 c.730 §60; 2012 c.45 §9]
§§ 469B.130 to 469B.169

(formerly 469.190 to 469.225)

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