ORS 480.085
Requirement for removal of unused explosives from work area


In addition to any other legal requirements, all users of explosives shall be responsible for the removal of all unused explosives from any area of use after the work for which the explosive was required is completed or when the user is absent for more than 30 days from the area of use, unless the explosives are stored in a manner meeting the safety requirements promulgated by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to ORS 476.030 (Powers and duties of marshal and deputies generally).


As used in this section:


“Explosives” means dynamite, blasting powder, black powder, nitroglycerin, detonators, nitro-jelly, prima-cord and detonating fuse.


“User” means any person using explosives for any purpose whatsoever, and regardless of whether such person is being compensated for such use. [1963 c.384 §1]


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