Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations

ORS 498.016
Taking crippled or helpless wildlife

Nothing in the wildlife laws is intended to prohibit any person from killing any crippled or helpless wildlife when the killing is done for a humane purpose. Any person so killing any wildlife shall immediately report such killing to a person authorized to enforce the wildlife laws, and shall dispose of the wildlife in such manner as the State Fish and Wildlife Commission directs. [1973 c.723 §76]
Note: Sections 1 to 4, chapter 330, Oregon Laws 2017, provide:
Sec. 1. Section 2 of this 2017 Act is added to and made a part of the wildlife laws. [2017 c.330 §1]
Sec. 2. Wildlife salvage permits. (1) The State Fish and Wildlife Commission shall adopt rules for the issuance of wildlife salvage permits to persons desiring to recover, possess, use or transport, for the purpose of salvaging game meat for human consumption, deer or elk that have been accidentally killed as a result of a vehicle collision. The rules shall prescribe:


The form and method for applying for and receiving a wildlife salvage permit; and


Terms and conditions for the recovery, possession, use and transport of deer or elk pursuant to a wildlife salvage permit.


A person who recovers, possesses, uses or transports deer or elk pursuant to a wildlife salvage permit shall promptly surrender the antlers of the deer or elk to the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.


A wildlife salvage permit may not be issued for the recovery, possession, use or transport of crippled or helpless deer or elk killed pursuant to ORS 498.016 (Taking crippled or helpless wildlife), unless the person seeking the wildlife salvage permit accidentally rendered the deer or elk crippled or helpless as the driver of a motor vehicle involved in a collision with the deer or elk.


The State of Oregon is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the recovery, possession, use, transport or consumption of deer or elk pursuant to a wildlife salvage permit. [2017 c.330 §2]
Sec. 3. Report on wildlife salvage permits. (1) The State Department of Fish and Wildlife shall first make wildlife salvage permits available for issuance no later than January 1, 2019.


The department shall prepare and submit a report on the implementation of wildlife salvage permit rules adopted under section 2 of this 2017 Act, that may include recommendations on legislation, to the committees related to the environment and natural resources during the 2023 regular session of the Legislative Assembly. This report shall be made in the manner provided by ORS 192.245 (Form of report to legislature). [2017 c.330 §3]
Sec. 4. Sections 2 and 3 of this 2017 Act are repealed on January 1, 2024. [2017 c.330 §4]
Chapter 498

Notes of Decisions

Sufficiency of uniform game citation is governed by [former] ORS 153.720, not by statutes applicable to indictments. State v. Herrera, 152 Or App 22, 952 P2d 566 (1998)


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