Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations

ORS 498.158
Hunting or trapping wildlife in certain governmental districts restricted


Except as provided in ORS 448.305 (Special ordinance authority of certain cities) and in subsection (2) of this section, no person shall hunt or trap any wildlife within the boundaries of any city, public park, cemetery or on any school lands.


No hunting or trapping shall be allowed on any lands within the boundaries of any city, public park or on any school lands unless:


The governing body or other agency that administers the affairs of the city, public park or school, after notice and hearing, authorizes such hunting or trapping by ordinance or resolution; and


The State Fish and Wildlife Commission, after notice and hearing, determines that such hunting or trapping would not adversely affect public safety or unreasonably interfere with other authorized uses of such lands. [1973 c.723 §90]

See annotations under ORS 498.115 in permanent edition.

Chapter 498

Notes of Decisions

Sufficiency of uniform game citation is governed by [former] ORS 153.720, not by statutes applicable to indictments. State v. Herrera, 152 Or App 22, 952 P2d 566 (1998)


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