Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations

ORS 498.154
Notice adequate to charge defendant

  • delivery or posting


In all prosecutions against the owner of a motor-propelled vehicle under ORS 498.153 (Parking vehicle in violation of restrictions), it shall be sufficient for a police officer to charge the defendant by an unsworn written notice if the notice clearly states:


The date, place and nature of the charge.


The time and place for defendant’s appearance in court.


The name of the issuing officer.


The license number of the vehicle.


The notice provided for in subsection (1) of this section shall either be delivered to the defendant or placed in a conspicuous place upon the vehicle involved in the violation. A duplicate original of the notice shall serve as the complaint in the case when it is filed with the court. The issuing officer need not have observed the act of parking, but need only have observed that the vehicle appeared to be parked in violation of restrictions established and posted under ORS 498.152 (Agreements restricting parking or use of motor vehicles on certain lands). [1987 c.798 §4; 1995 c.658 §108; 2011 c.597 §65a]
Chapter 498

Notes of Decisions

Sufficiency of uniform game citation is governed by [former] ORS 153.720, not by statutes applicable to indictments. State v. Herrera, 152 Or App 22, 952 P2d 566 (1998)


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