Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations

ORS 498.406
License to operate certain outdoor clubs required

  • promotional activities for sale of membership without license prohibited


Except as provided in ORS 498.412 (Application of ORS 498.406), no person shall operate an outdoor club unless the person has a valid license for such operation issued by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission, if the outdoor club activities are to be conducted on land that is leased from the owners thereof and if:


The members of the club are not parties to the lease; and


The members of the club do not have any financial or proprietary interest in the club.


No person required by subsection (1) of this section to obtain a license to operate an outdoor club shall engage in promotional plan activities for the sale of membership in the outdoor club unless the person first obtains the license. [1973 c.749 §3]
Chapter 498

Notes of Decisions

Sufficiency of uniform game citation is governed by [former] ORS 153.720, not by statutes applicable to indictments. State v. Herrera, 152 Or App 22, 952 P2d 566 (1998)


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