Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations

ORS 498.120
Hunting on another’s cultivated or enclosed land


No person shall hunt upon the cultivated or enclosed land of another without first obtaining permission from the owner or lawful occupant thereof, or the agent of such owner or occupant. No prosecution shall be commenced under this section except upon written complaint filed with a magistrate. The complaint shall be verified by the oath of the owner or lawful occupant of the cultivated or enclosed land, or the agent of such owner or occupant.


For the purpose of subsection (1) of this section, the boundaries of “enclosed” land may be indicated by wire, ditch, hedge, fence, water or by any visible or distinctive lines that indicate a separation from the surrounding or contiguous territory, and includes the established and posted boundaries of Indian reservations established by treaties of the United States and the various Indian tribes. [Amended by 1959 c.318 §1; 1971 c.580 §1; 1973 c.723 §83]

Notes of Decisions

To be enclosed, land must have boundary that separates land from surrounding lands. State v. Kimble/Berkner, 236 Or App 613, 237 P3d 871 (2010)


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