Appropriation of Water Generally

ORS 537.147
Permit to use stored water

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Notwithstanding the process for applying for a water right permit established in ORS 537.150 (Filing of application) to 537.230 (Time allowed for construction of irrigation or other work), a person may, pursuant to this section, apply to the Water Resources Department for a water right permit to use stored water. A person applying under this section for a water right permit to use stored water shall submit:


A fee, in the amount required by ORS 536.050 (Fees) for applications to appropriate stored water.


A completed application for a secondary permit, in a form determined by the department, that contains the information required of applications under ORS 537.140 (Application for permit) and 537.400 (Reservoir permits) (1).


Evidence that the proposed use of the stored water is one of the authorized uses under the water right permit, certificate or decree that allows the storage of water.


If an applicant provides, to the satisfaction of the department, the fee and the information required by subsection (1) of this section, the department may, after public notice and a 30-day opportunity to submit comments on the application, issue a water right permit upon determining that no public interest issues as identified in ORS 537.170 (Contested case hearing on application) (8) have been raised through the comments submitted.


If the department determines that public interest issues have been identified, then the department shall treat the application under this section as an application under ORS 537.150 (Filing of application) and perform the public interest review required by ORS 537.153 (Review of application) (2).


At a minimum, a water right permit issued by the department for use of stored water under this section shall be conditioned to require:


Fish screens and by-pass devices and fish passage as may be required by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife; and


A measuring device at each point of diversion authorized under the water right permit.


Within 10 days of issuing a water right permit under this section, the department shall provide notice of the permit issuance in the weekly notice published by the department and to persons who have submitted comments pursuant to subsection (2) of this section. [2005 c.37 §2]


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