Appropriation of Water Generally

ORS 537.700
Issuing ground water right certificate

Upon the final determination under ORS 537.670 (Determination of rights to appropriate ground water of ground water reservoir) to 537.695 (Conclusive adjudication) of the rights to appropriate the ground water of any ground water reservoir, the Water Resources Director shall issue to each person or public agency represented in the determination proceedings and who is determined to have such a right a ground water right certificate, setting forth the name and post-office address of the owner of the right; the priority of the date, extent and purpose of the right; and, if the ground water is for irrigation purposes, a description of the legal subdivisions of land to which the ground water is appurtenant. [1955 c.708 §21; 1957 c.341 §7; 1969 c.629 §2; 1971 c.621 §36; 1975 c.607 §39; 1979 c.67 §1]


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