ORS 554.060
Challenge to validity of organization; effect of defects or omissions


No action, suit or proceeding shall be maintained for the purpose of questioning the sufficiency or correctness of any statement within the articles of incorporation when the provisions of ORS 554.005 (Filing requirements) to 554.340 (Judicial determination of legality of proceedings) with respect thereto have been substantially complied with.


No error in the description of any tract or parcel of land included in such district or in naming the owner thereof shall affect the incorporation or relieve the land from the same unless the owner has been materially prejudiced, misled or injured thereby, and has instituted proceedings because of same within three months after actual notice in any manner brought to the owner. Notwithstanding any error, defect or omission in the articles of incorporation in such case, the corporation is hereby declared to be a legally organized corporation as to all such owners. [Amended by 1987 c.94 §147; 2013 c.284 §7]

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