Oregon Corporations for Irrigation, Drainage, Water Supply or Flood Control
ORS 554.570
Effect of exclusion on existing debts


An amendment to exclude land shall not relieve any land from any lien existing at the time of the exclusion of the land, affect the date of priority of any lien of the corporation upon any land or relieve any landowner from any obligation to pay any valid outstanding bonds or indebtedness of the corporation; but the land shall continue to be subject to the lien and chargeable with all obligations outstanding at the time of the exclusion. For the purpose of enforcing any lien for such obligations, lands excluded shall be considered part of the corporation as if the exclusion had never been accomplished.


Lands excluded shall not be chargeable with a lien for any obligation incurred after the date of filing the articles of amendment with the Secretary of State, providing for the exclusion of such lands. [1963 c.103 §8]
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