Corporations for Irrigation, Drainage, Water Supply or Flood Control

ORS 554.280
Resolution for serial coupon obligations

  • maturities
  • interest
  • retirement
  • recitals
  • fund for payment
  • assessments


For the purpose stated in ORS 554.270 (Purchase or lease of works and water rights), the board of directors shall by resolution determine and declare that the same is to the best interest of the corporation; briefly describe the purpose and object thereof and the amount of money required therefor; provide for, authorize and direct issuing the installment coupon obligations, describing and fixing the number of such obligations constituting the series and the denominations thereof; and shall adopt and prescribe the form and substance of such obligations. Each obligation shall bear the same series designation and be separately serially numbered, which series designation and serial number shall likewise appear upon each installment coupon attached. Coupons of each obligation shall be serially numbered in the order of their maturity and shall be so payable at a place designated in the bonds.


Interest at a rate determined by the board may be included and amortized for the retirement of both principal and interest as provided in the resolution and in this section. Every obligation shall recite that it is issued pursuant to such resolution and payable from a fund derived from annual assessments of the lands described in the articles of incorporation for such purpose, the proceeds of which are pledged for the payment, and that the corporation covenants to levy such assessments according to law and the resolution in amount sufficient, inclusive of estimated delinquencies, to pay the installment coupons thereto attached as they mature.


The resolution shall appropriately designate the fund. The board of directors shall thereafter on or before the time fixed in the bylaws determine and assess the amount necessary to be assessed at such time for payment of the installment coupons as they mature. Proceeds from such assessment shall constitute a fund which is pledged for payment of such obligations. The treasurer shall segregate and keep separate the proceeds of every assessment for such funds, and shall deposit the same in an insured institution as defined in ORS 706.008 (Additional definitions for Bank Act), in a separate account designating such fund. The district treasurer shall not disburse the same except as provided in this section. [Amended by 1969 c.694 §49; 1977 c.188 §11; 1981 c.94 §50; 1981 c.526 §8; 1997 c.631 §494; 2001 c.215 §32]
Chapter 554

Notes of Decisions

Water improvement district formed under this chapter is unit of government for purposes of filing suit under ORS 305.583, but is not "governmental unit" within meaning of section 11b, Article XI of Oregon Constitution. Comeaux v. Water Wonderland Improvement Dist., 12 OTR 132 (1992), aff'd 315 Or 562, 847 P2d 841 (1993)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of State Land Board to enter into nonprofit water supply district corporation, (1978) Vol 38, p 2199


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