Oregon Corporations for Irrigation, Drainage, Water Supply or Flood Control
ORS 554.135
Alternative method for collecting assessments


In lieu of the method of levy and assessment provided for in ORS 554.130 (Assessments), the board of directors may provide in the bylaws or by resolution for the billing and collection of the rates, tolls, fees, fines and charges of the corporation in the manner provided in this section. The provision in the bylaws or the resolution may apply to rates, tolls, fees, fines and charges for the operation and maintenance of the corporation, for the use of water, or for the use of any of the works of the corporation, or for violation of any of the bylaws, rules and regulations of the corporation, or for principal and interest of maturing indebtedness.


The bylaws or the resolution establishing the rates, tolls, fees, fines and charges shall fix the time when they shall become due and payable, and shall also fix a time after which they shall become delinquent, which time shall be any time within one year from the due date.


If any rates, tolls, fees, fines or charges remain unpaid after the delinquency date, the corporation may file a notice of lien and collect the delinquent charges in the manner provided for collection of incurred charges of an irrigation district under ORS 545.494 (Unpaid charge as lien on land), 545.496 (Collection of incurred charges), 545.498 (Surety bond to be given by board secretary prior to handling district funds), 545.502 (Foreclosure), 545.504 (Redemption of land upon or prior to foreclosure sale) and 545.506 (Payment of taxes by district).


If rates, tolls, fees, fines or charges, or any installment thereof, are not paid when due, interest shall be charged and collected on the past due amount at the rate of one and one-half percent per month, or fraction of a month, until paid. [1991 c.459 §432c; 2013 c.284 §3]
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