ORS 568.351
Determination of boundaries for proposed district; notice of plan to issue order; publication; request for referendum


If the State Department of Agriculture makes and records a determination that the formation of a soil and water conservation district within a territory is administratively practicable, that there is a need for the district and that formation of the district promotes the public interest and general welfare, the department shall define the boundaries of the proposed district and shall publish notice that the department plans to issue an order of formation for the district. The department shall cause the notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the area of the proposed district. The notice shall include instructions regarding the filing of a request for a referendum.


If 10 percent of the electors within the proposed district file a written request for referendum within 30 days after publication of the notice, the department shall schedule a referendum as described in ORS 568.391 (Referendum process).


If a referendum is not required under subsection (2) of this section, the department shall issue an order of formation for the district. The order must set forth the name of the district and the district boundaries defined by the department. [2009 c.220 §8]

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