Soil and Water Conservation

ORS 568.860
Inspector may enter lands in district

  • service of notice on owner or occupant


The wind erosion inspector shall have access to all lands within the district or districts under the supervision of the inspector. If in the judgment of the inspector wind erosion is occurring or is likely to occur because proper control measures are not being practiced, the inspector shall serve a written notice to any such owner or occupant of such land, or where unable to serve such notice personally, shall post the same and two copies thereof in three conspicuous places on the land where the provisions of ORS 568.810 (Purpose of ORS 568.810 to 568.890) to 568.890 (District may be dissolved) are not being complied with, bearing date of service on posting of same and a statement setting forth that work on the control of wind erosion must be commenced within five days; except that when serious blowing is actually occurring, four hours from the date of service is sufficient notice.


A copy of the notice or notices, each showing the period of grace allowed, together with proof of service indorsed thereon, shall be filed with the county court.


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