Soil and Water Conservation

ORS 568.491
Termination of board of directors

  • appointment of board of trustees
  • notice of dissolution
  • certificate of dissolution


If referendum election results favor the dissolution of a soil and water conservation district, or if the State Department of Agriculture orders the dissolution of a district under ORS 568.481 (Methods for initiating dissolution of district) without a referendum election, the department shall declare the member positions of the district board of directors to be vacant and appoint three individuals to serve as a board of trustees for winding up the affairs of the district.


The board of trustees shall consult with the department for the purpose of implementing the plan of dissolution and liquidation and carrying out the following:


Payment of debts, or securing the release of debts, and disposing of district property.


Settling all books and other records of the district and delivering the records to the department.


Executing under oath, and filing with the department, a statement that the district has been dissolved and liquidated.


Transferring conservation easements and other contracts that are to remain in effect.


Upon receiving the statement of dissolution and liquidation from the trustees, the department shall give notice of the dissolution and of the termination of the corporate existence of the district for all purposes to:


The Secretary of State;


Affected county governments;


The Department of Revenue;


Known holders of valid indebtedness of the district; and


Other agencies or entities as the State Department of Agriculture deems appropriate.


Upon receiving notice from the State Department of Agriculture of district dissolution and termination of corporate status, the Secretary of State shall issue and record a certificate of dissolution for the district. [2009 c.220 §19]
§§ 568.225 to 568.800

Atty. Gen. Opinions

County regulation of activities resulting in soil erosion, (1975) Vol 37, p 819


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