ORS 568.440
District legally formed
  • certificate as evidence

In any suit, action or proceeding involving the validity or enforcement of, or relating to, any contract, proceeding or action of a soil and water conservation district, the district shall be deemed to have been formed in accordance with ORS 568.210 (Definitions for ORS 568.210 to 568.808 and 568.900 to 568.933) to 568.808 (Taxing district to file legal description and map) and 568.900 (Definitions for ORS 568.900 to 568.933) to 568.933 (Civil penalties) upon proof of the issuance by the Secretary of State of the certificate provided for in ORS 568.420 (Certificate of formation) or 568.555 (Name of district may be changed). A copy of such certificate certified by the Secretary of State shall be admissible in evidence in any such suit, action or proceedings and shall be proof of the filing and contents of the certificate. [Amended by 1983 c.740 §219; 2009 c.220 §13]

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