ORS 568.921
Fees from landowners

The State Department of Agriculture, in consultation with the State Board of Agriculture, may establish and collect fees from landowners subject to a water quality management plan adopted under ORS 568.909 (Boundaries for land subject to water quality plans). The fees shall not exceed the total cost of developing and carrying out the plan and shall not exceed $200 annually per landowner. Fees established by the department under this section are subject to the requirements of ORS 291.055 (State agency fee approval). Any fees received by the department pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the Department of Agriculture Service Fund. Such moneys are continuously appropriated to the department for the purpose of implementing ORS 568.900 (Definitions for ORS 568.900 to 568.933) to 568.933 (Civil penalties). [1993 c.263 §9; 2001 c.442 §6; 2001 c.594 §5]
§§ 568.900 to 568.933

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