Apprenticeship and Training

ORS 660.205
Certification of program completion for certain apprentices

  • card
  • rules
  • fee


There shall be a uniform system of certification in those apprenticeable occupations for which the State Apprenticeship and Training Council determines certification is required. Such certification shall be awarded to apprentices successfully completing such an apprenticeship program and shall signify the apprentice’s attainment of the status of journeyworker. The council shall prescribe by rule a singular form of certification card for apprenticeable occupations and the conditions for its issuance.


Only the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries may prepare or issue or cause to be prepared or issued a card or other form of documentation purporting to certify or otherwise representing the bearer to be a journeyworker in an apprenticeable occupation.


The commissioner may establish and charge a fee for the issuance of certification in an amount not to exceed $25.


The provisions of this section first apply to apprentices who successfully complete an apprenticeship program after January 1, 1990. [1989 c.1061 §2; 2011 c.140 §11]


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