Health Professions Generally

ORS 676.185
Definitions for ORS 676.185 to 676.200

As used in ORS 676.185 (Definitions for ORS 676.185 to 676.200) to 676.200 (Board participation in program):


“Direct supervisor” means the individual who is responsible for:


Supervising a licensee enrolled in the impaired health professional program;


Monitoring the licensee’s compliance with the requirements of the program; and


Periodically reporting to the program on the licensee’s compliance with the requirements of the program.


“Health profession licensing board” means:


A health professional regulatory board as defined in ORS 676.160 (Definitions for ORS 676.165 to 676.180); or


The Health Licensing Office for a board, council or program listed in ORS 676.565 (Oversight and centralized service by office).


“Impaired professional” means a licensee who is unable to practice with professional skill and safety by reason of habitual or excessive use or abuse of drugs, alcohol or other substances that impair ability or by reason of a mental health disorder.


“Licensee” means a health professional licensed or certified by or registered with a health profession licensing board.


“Substantial noncompliance” includes the following:


Criminal behavior;


Conduct that causes injury, death or harm to the public, or a patient, including sexual impropriety with a patient;


Impairment in a health care setting in the course of employment;


A positive toxicology test result as determined by federal regulations pertaining to drug testing;


Violation of a restriction on a licensee’s practice imposed by the impaired health professional program established under ORS 676.190 (Establishment of program) or the licensee’s health profession licensing board;


Civil commitment for mental illness;


Failure to participate in the program after entering into a diversion agreement under ORS 676.190 (Establishment of program); or


Failure to enroll in the program after being referred to the program. [2009 c.697 §1; 2013 c.314 §6; 2013 c.367 §1; 2013 c.568 §19; 2017 c.155 §12a; 2017 c.499 §8]


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