Health Professions Generally

ORS 676.467
Allocation of moneys

  • administration by Oregon Health and Science University


On the basis of the assessment and the evaluation conducted under ORS 676.459 (Health care workforce needs) and 676.463 (Financial incentive program participation data), the Oregon Health Policy Board shall determine the best allocation of moneys in the Health Care Provider Incentive Fund established under ORS 676.450 (Health Care Provider Incentive Fund) toward providing:


Incentives through the health care provider incentive program created by ORS 676.454 (Health care provider incentive program).


Loans or grants to support communities’ plans for addressing the unmet health care workforce needs in each community, including but not limited to:


Funding start-up costs for new health care professional training programs that:


Are designed to expand the racial and ethnic diversity of Oregon’s health care workforce;


Are designed to expand the health care workforce in medically underserved areas;
(iii) Provide financial incentives to faculty members in health care professional training programs and clinical preceptors;


Ensure that individuals enrolled in the programs are adequately compensated; and


Include technical assistance; and


Supplementing Medicare funding paid to hospitals for graduate medical education.


With respect to the loans and grants provided under subsection (1)(b) of this section, the board shall:


Prescribe the process and procedures for communities to apply for loans or grants and for the board to award loans and grants.


Establish criteria to ensure that the moneys support community plans that:


Include a substantial financial investment by the community, as determined by the board, and may include financial or in-kind support;


Are designed to improve the access to health care by medical assistance recipients and Medicare enrollees to the same extent that each plan improves access to health care by the general population of the community; and


Are sustainable over the long term.


Conduct outreach to communities to solicit ideas and applications for new training programs and other incentive programs.


Collaborate with community colleges and public universities in this state.


The board shall enter into an agreement with the Oregon Health and Science University to administer this section under the board’s direction. [2017 c.718 §3]


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