Health Professions Generally

ORS 676.303
Purposes of health professional regulatory boards

  • authority of boards to require fingerprints


As used in this section:


“Health professional regulatory board” means the agencies listed in ORS 676.160 (Definitions for ORS 676) and the Health Licensing Office created in ORS 676.560 (Purpose of Health Licensing Office).


“Impairment” means an inability to practice with reasonable competence and safety due to the habitual or excessive use of drugs or alcohol, other chemical dependency or a mental health condition.


“License” means a license, registration, certification or other authorization to engage in a profession.


“Licensee” means a person licensed, registered, certified or otherwise authorized by a health professional regulatory board to engage in a profession.


All health professional regulatory boards shall operate with the primary purposes of promoting the quality of health services provided, protecting the public health, safety and welfare by ensuring that licensees practice with professional skill and safety and addressing impairment among licensees.


For the purpose of requesting a state or nationwide criminal records check under ORS 181A.195 (Criminal records check), a health professional regulatory board may require the fingerprints of a licensee seeking renewal of a license, an applicant for a license, a board employee or volunteer or an applicant for employment with the board. [2009 c.756 §1; 2013 c.568 §21]


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