Health Professions Generally

ORS 676.568
Office responsibilities

  • enumeration of powers not exclusive
  • rules


The Health Licensing Office is responsible for the administration and regulatory oversight of the boards, councils and programs listed in ORS 676.565 (Oversight and centralized service by office). The responsibilities of the office include, but are not limited to:




Record keeping;






Consumer protection and investigating complaints;


Establishing and collecting fees;


Establishing and administering uniform application processes for the issuance of authorizations;


Issuing and renewing authorizations;


Subject to ORS 676.616 (Final order authority for contested cases related to practice of direct entry midwifery) and 687.445 (Discipline), conditioning, limiting, suspending, revoking or refusing to issue or renew an authorization or otherwise disciplining applicants and authorization holders;


Sanctioning any examination service provider, interpreter or proctor who is under contract or agreement with the office and who compromises the security, confidentiality or integrity of examinations developed or conducted pursuant to the statutory authority of the boards, councils and programs listed in ORS 676.565 (Oversight and centralized service by office);


Enforcing all administrative rules adopted under any statute the office is charged with enforcing, including board, council and program administrative rules establishing professional code of conduct and practice standards, the scope of professional practice and requirements for obtaining informed consent before providing certain services or performing any procedure on clients;


Preparing, tracking and reporting office performance measures;


Implementing regulatory streamlining initiatives to reduce regulatory burdens without compromising regulatory standards;


Preparing and circulating printed and electronic materials for educating or otherwise assisting applicants, authorization holders and the public;


Adopting rules for the issuance of waivers or provisional authorizations to practice, and establishing special conditions of practice, during a state of emergency declared by the Governor under ORS 401.165 (Declaration of state of emergency);


Referring impaired practitioners to a diversion program approved or recognized by the office and establishing criteria by rule for monitoring the impaired practitioner’s progress and successful completion of the program;


Establishing requirements for additional education, training or supervised experience to achieve compliance with the laws and rules governing professional practice;


Establishing by rule continuing education requirements for renewal of an authorization if the office determines that continuing education is appropriate for renewal of the authorization;


Exempting from authorization requirements a person who provides services at charitable or fund raising events, after the office has considered and evaluated the written request for an exemption on an individual basis; and


Establishing requirements by rule for the issuance of a provisional authorization for purposes related to education or training.


The enumeration of duties, functions and powers in subsection (1) of this section is not intended to be exclusive or to limit the duties, functions and powers imposed on or vested in the office by other statutes. [Formerly 676.586]


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