Health Professions Generally

ORS 676.870
Definitions for ORS 676.870 to 676.890

As used in ORS 676.870 (Definitions for ORS 676.870 to 676.890) to 676.890 (Penalties):


“Health care facility” means a hospital or an ambulatory surgical center, as those terms are defined in ORS 442.015 (Definitions).


“Rural or medically underserved community” means a geographic area of this state that is 10 or more miles from the geographic center of a population center of 40,000 or more individuals.


“Surgical technology” means intraoperative surgical patient care that involves:


Preparing an operating room for surgical procedures by ensuring that surgical equipment is functioning properly and safely;


Preparing an operating room and the sterile field for surgical procedures by preparing sterile supplies, instruments and equipment using sterile techniques;


Anticipating the needs of a surgical team based on knowledge of human anatomy and pathophysiology and how those fields relate to the surgical patient and the patient’s surgical procedure; and


Performing tasks as directed in an operating room, including:


Passing instruments, equipment or supplies;


Sponging or suctioning of an operative site;


Preparing and cutting suture material;


Transferring fluids or drugs;


Handling specimens;


Holding retractors and other equipment;


Applying electrocautery to clamps on bleeders;


Connecting drains to suction apparatus;


Applying dressings to closed wounds; and


Assisting in counting supplies and instruments, including sponges and needles. [2015 c.373 §1]


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