Construction Contractors and Contracts

ORS 701.094
Definition for ORS 701


As used in ORS 701.098 (Grounds for discipline) and 701.102 (Sanction for past unresolved activity or outstanding matters), “owner” means:


A sole proprietor of, partner in or holder of a controlling interest in a business; or


A person defined as an owner by Construction Contractors Board rule.


The board shall adopt rules defining an owner for purposes of subsection (1) of this section. The rules may not define an owner in a manner that includes an investor who has no right to manage a business, including but not limited to:


A person who is solely a minority shareholder in a corporation;


A member of a manager-managed limited liability company; or


A limited partner in a limited partnership who does not participate in the control of the business of the limited partnership. [Formerly 701.077]


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